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Don't be jealous 'cause I'm moving up, pal.

I got big coattails. I move up, you're coming along for the ride.

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Name:Al Capone
Birthdate:Jan 17, 1899
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

The fuck's going on?

"I'm making a statement."

[character name]: al capone
[series]: boardwalk empire
[player eljay]: [personal profile] raebeam
[messenger]: throughflyeyes (aim)
[plurk]: [ profile] cannibalartist
[e-mail]: pm.
[4th walling?]: fine by me.

[ circa 1922 roleplay journal . under construction . boardwalk empire. ]


Interests (15):

blow, boardwalk empire, brooklyn, chicago, frank capone, hookers, johnny torrio, not bootlegging, not crime, not irrational violence, ralph capone, sonny capone, the four deuces, the hawthorne inn, tupperware
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